Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Comment re: We've come a long Way Baby

As a business major at USC, and future business woman, I found the article in Forbes magazine demeaning and upsetting. I completely agree with Mary’s comment, the “old white guys establishment is living in fear of women….” The women of today are more ambitious, intelligent, and determined than ever before, and this definitely makes men uneasy. Despite what the Forbes article claims, being a great wife and being a career women are NOT mutually exclusive. I personally know a number of successful career women who are great wives and mothers. My question is, when will the world stop bashing on career women? Women have been chipping away at that class ceiling for so long, and now that they’ve finally been able to partially crack through it, men label them as terrible wives and mothers. Forbes, your facts and figures don’t impress me, stop shining such an unattractive light on women.

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