Monday, January 22, 2007

Profile Evaluation

What is its name and subject? The name of the blog is Marketing Roadmaps.

Who writes it? Susan Getgood

What is their relation to the field? Susan works in the marketing field.

Where are they located in the field? Her area of expertise is in Public Relations.

How frequently do they post? Susan posts quite frequently, more than twice a week.

How popular is the blog? Her blog appears to be fairly popular, especially to those who are in Public Relations themselves.

How well does this blog relate to your work? The blog itself deals mainly with PR work, which is not what I will be focusing on this semester. Only one of her post relates to a topic that I want to elaborate on as the semester progresses.

To what extent is it scholarly, academic, professional? The blog is not very academic, scholarly, or professional. Although Susan is a professional business woman, who mainly posts stories regarding her job in PR, she writes very casually, almost as if she’s having a conversation with a friend.

How rich or detailed are its posts? The one particular post that I was drawn to was not detailed at all. It was succinct and blunt.

Who is its audience? Her audience appears to be other people who work in Public Relations. In most of her posts, she uses a lot of marketing jargon and terminology, and the people commenting seem to know what she’s referring to.

How might this blog feed your work? The blog itself will not be as helpful as I would like it to be. Only one of Susan’s post will be of any use to me.

How will your site differ? Her blog is centered around her day to day activities in the world of PR. My blog will not concentrate on only one career.

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