Monday, February 19, 2007

Examining Others Social Bookmarks

In hopes of discovering more useful sources relevant to my blog’s focus, I examined other people’s social bookmarks using Diigo. I searched long and hard for individuals with bookmarks regarding women in business. Although I was unable to locate any one particular Diigo user with that genre of articles, I did come across one individual, Bartthebear, who had an array of business related bookmarks. While Bartthebear’s bookmarks didn’t emphasize women’s role in business, I still found them quite informative and possibly useful for future posts. After perusing through this user’s articles, it was apparent that he/she was very interested in starting a home based online business. Many of the saved articles and web pages offered strategies, suggestions, and information on how to effectively run a business from home. Several bookmarks provided “tips” on how to properly market a service to a particular target audience. Other bookmarks were sites offering online education courses that specialized in marketing, leadership and salesmanship. Then there were countless other articles that focused on how to make it in the business world, how to network in the business world, how to identify business opportunities, and how to properly research business ideas.


Anonymous said...

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Tom Watson said...

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