Thursday, February 8, 2007

Women Managers Rule!

Myth or Fact? Women are not suited for top management because they aren't aggressive enough and lack the self-confidence required for the top jobs. Many would say this is a myth, and many others would say this is a fact.

Through the years, certain unfavorable qualities and personality traits have been used to describe the female population. For example, women are said to be moody, bitchy, soft, and emotionally unstable. Although women are often times believed to be lacking basic leadership qualities, comprehensive management studies have found women to be more effective leaders than men. In a Business Week article titled As Leaders Women Rule, author Rochell Sharp writes:
By and large, the studies show that women executives, when rated by their peers, underlings, and bosses, score higher than their male counterparts on a wide variety of measures--from producing high-quality work to goal-setting to mentoring employees.
Although these studies were new to me, their findings weren’t at all surprising. Of course women are capable of doing something better than men. Believe it or not, in addition to cooking and cleaning, women can also be effective thinkers, decision makers, organizers, and planners. Why is this so shocking to some? Sharp states that researchers “were startled by the results” and were “stunned by women’s consistently high ratings”.

Sharp also found several employers who proudly proclaimed they would higher a female over a male on any given day. Anu Shukla, the female CEO of a major Internet Marketing company, claims that women employees give her the quality and dedication she is looking for. Brent Clark, the CEO of a foot care company, agrees with Shakula’s hiring biases. He states, “Women are more stable . . . less turf-conscious, and better at all sorts of intangibles that can help an organization.''

Finally! People are beginning to realize that women are not only capable of excelling in our male dominated business world, but are also slowly starting to dominate it.

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