Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Position In Action


Most business women are not held back by their lack of commitment, instead factors such as gender bias, stereotyping, double standards, unequal access to exclusive networks and lack of female mentors are all responsible for women’s dismal presence in the business world.

In this paragraph, I am trying to establish how women's commitment is perceived by organizations.....

When looking for potential employees, employers look for individuals who will not only add value to the organization, but who will also remain dedicated to their duties and responsibilities. Although studies have “established that men and women experience similar levels of organizational commitment” (The Effects of Gender), employers still remain hesitate to bring women into their companies. According to, several hiring managers believe that the level of commitment women bring into workplace is simply not enough. One human resource executive for the company WorldWIT Inc states, "There is this huge perception that women are burdened with entanglements outside of work related to children or parents and that they'll bear the brunt of the responsibility so much that they'll neglect their work."(Career Journal). Not only do employees believe women will neglect their work, they also question whether or not “she is going to be able to do what the job requires” (Career Journal.)

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