Monday, March 26, 2007

My Quick Literature Review

There are 8 Sources I would like to briefly summarize in this literature review. Source #1 comes from the website Feminist Majority. This site does an excellent job at explaining some of the causes of the glass ceiling and also provides readers with myths and facts regarding women in business. Source #2 comes from and is titled “Midlevel Women Execs face Job-Search Hurdles.” The hurdles that are addressed in this article include networking difficulties, limits on the types of jobs women will accept, and gender-based stereotypes and biases. Source #3 comes from The CPA Journal Online and reads, “Executive Women in Finance Overcoming Challenges and Looking Ahead.” Some of the issues found in this journal include, gender biases, work diversity, and finding strong mentors. Source #4 comes from a blog site title Free Democracy and is titled “How Carly Lost Her Gender Groove”. This article was originally printed in the New York Times and was reposted in its entirety on the Free Democracy blog site. In it, readers learn about some of the bumps, potholes, and dead ends that prominent CEO, Carleton Fiorina encountered during her journey to the top. Source #5 is a peer reviewed journal titled “Corporate Initiatives for Advancing Women.” This journal argues that although the women of today are more educated than they were 20 years ago, they are not advancing to the top as quickly as they should be. The journal identifies several barriers that have slowed women’s career advancements. These barriers include things such as lack of access to line positions and exclusion from channels of communication. Source #6 is also a peer reviewed journal titled “The Effects of Gender on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Kuwait”. This study discovered that men and women display the same amount of organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Source #7 came from The Christian Science Monitor website and was titled “The Truth Behind Women Opting out”. This article was responding to an article posted in the New York Times which declared that there was a significant number of women exiting the workforce in order to stay home with their children. In “The Truth Behind Women Opting Out", the author explains that women are not leaving the workforce to tend to their families. On the contrary, women are pursing their careers more than ever because of their families. And finally, source #8 came out of Business Week and is titled “As Managers, Women Rule”. According to this article, studies have found women to be better leaders because they are more compassionate, better listeners and believe in consensus.

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