Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Position

Through out the course of my research on corporate women, I have stumbled upon articles implying that women’s lack of commitment is responsible for their slow advancement up the corporate ladder. According to these sources, motherhood creates feelings of complacency amongst women, causing them to no longer pursue their pre-baby careers. Women’s lack of dedication is not the only factor that is said to hinder their chances of obtaining executive positions, some sources believe that women simply do not display the confidence and audacity that is necessary to make it in business. Although some business women may fit this description, not all women possess those unimpressive characteristics. Most importantly, one must understand that these two qualities alone are not responsible for the deficiency of top executive women in our world today. What I want to argue in paper #3 is that most business women are not being held back by their lack of commitment or self-assurance, instead factors such as gender bias, stereotyping, double standards, unequal access to exclusive networks, and lack of female mentors are all responsible for women’s dismal presence in the business world.

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